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Caring for these majestic animals has a magical effect on our own well-being

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It’s such a good way to spend time with like-minded others who enjoy horses and riding.

What is the CEC Saddle Club

The CEC Saddle Club offers an opportunity for your child to learn how to care for horses and ponies. All aspects of horse and pony care will be included as your child progresses though the levels of our Saddle Club, including Grooming, Tack and Tack Care, Horse Health and Feeding, and Stable and Pasture Management.

Much of the learning will be practical in its nature and the children will be assessed on both their knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge, at each level.

Caring for hoses and ponies is something many children enjoy greatly, and also helps teach them a sense of responsibility and the rewards of caring for others.

CEC Saddle Club has been developed as a benefit to our riders in response to requests from our riders and parents, and we hope that your child will enjoy learning about horse and pony care, as well as having fun!

Is my child able to join CEC Saddle Club?

The minimum age for joining CEC Saddle Club is 7. Riders of all abilities can join, provided that they ride regularly at CEC.

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